Does Climate Nuremberg have a rival?

If you thought CN was the only player in its space, good news: it appears we may have company. That’s right. It looks as though another blog is providing equally serious, equally credible analysis for readers who are just as concerned about climate change as you, if not more so. No spin, no bullshit and definitely no irony.

It’s called HotWhopper. We recommend you go there, read it and believe everything it says—that’s how correct it is.

Here’s a quick foretaste of just how literally you can trust “Sou,” the genius behind HotWhopper. Let me quote her almost preternaturally perceptive account of the Q & A session following Dr Mann’s lecture in Bristol:

[T]he questions weren’t bad, but not as hard-hitting as Michael Mann or some in the audience would have liked. In particular, there didn’t seem to be any questions from fake sceptics, which was probably a disappointment to Michael Mann and the organisers.

UPDATE For the information of the small handful of CN readers who never took High Medieval French, a sou is a unit of currency equal to 12 deniers.

11 thoughts on “Does Climate Nuremberg have a rival?

      1. AzimuthGlarer

        Just some examples of the unseemly belittlement of Dr Mann from that blog:
        [”Now I can report a bit more about Michael Mann’s Cabot Institute lecture in the Victoria Rooms at the University of Bristol yesterday.”]
        We all know that ”cabot” or ”cléb” means ”dog” or rather ”mongrel” in French.
        [”I wasn’t at the lecture myself, …] said the scribe of the post. He didn’t care to be there in person. Sounds a bit demeaning, doesn’t it?

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      2. AzimuthGlarer

        … not to mention the following case of outright mockery:
        [Finally, where Michael Mann is, you’re bound to find lots of hockey sticks, maybe even a hockey league :)] Haven’t the good Dr Mann heard enough of that? It must be like pouring salt in an open wound!

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  1. Dr. D. Data

    Indeed, you must be so proud to call that clear-thinking and informative site a compatriot.
    I ask myself, how can anyone be foolish enough to doubt the consensus when faced with such convincing evidence that at least 97% there all agreed with the eminent Dr. Mann.
    Obviously those few greenhouse deniers there were simply stunned into silence when faced with the brilliant mind of Dr. Mann and unable to bring themselves to ask questions.
    Another triumph for science communication thanks to hotwhopper.

    Dr. D. Data PhD (UEEA) (honorary)
    nobel laureate (2012)

    P.S. Keep up the good work Brad, your blog is always worth a visit.

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  2. H.D. Kline

    I don’t know. My first impression of Hot Whopper was of an almost uniquely serious and scholarly site. On a purely factual and logical basis I concede that Hot Whopper might be regarded as worthy rival of Climate Nuremberg. In fact I imagine the two sites as being somewhat akin to two rain drops racing down the Window Pane of Climate Denialism: bitter, peerless rivals yet firm friends in their war against the Big Oil funded, misogynist, fake sceptics that seek to absorb them before they reach the bottom of the pane.

    But the more I read/read the louder and more irritating became/become The Howls of My Nagging Doubts. It’s not the facts but the cracks between the facts that concern me. Could it be that Hot Whopper is actually the work of a mischievous Denialist – a sceptic with a k – cruelly, if ineffectually, attempting to satirise us science lovers? I spent an hour attempting to determine this, but I found no conclusive evidence either way. Denialists are, after all, a humourless bunch of Big Oil funded, right wing, vaccine-hating, Creationist, misogynists, so it stands to reason that their attempts at humour would be difficult to detect. So I end where I began: no more enlightened, but perhaps the wiser for it. Or perhaps not. I don’t know…

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  3. Dr Slop

    Move over CN! Move over HotWhopper! You’ve done sterling work, but have you gone multimedia. I’m sure Nurnbergers of all stripes will be heartened to see our possible futures put so straightforwardly by the Aspen Island Theatre Company:

    I found this link on a denier blog, but won’t post a link, (i) to deny them the O2 (= oxygen for those who don’t know the science) of publicity and (ii) because I am still slightly soiled after going to that website.

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    1. KBO

      Dr Slop (always good to talk to the qualified), your link to “2015 ACT Arts Fund successful applicants” and “Aspen Island Theatre Company: $18,793 to assist with costs of the creative development of a new theatre work, ‘Kill Climate Deniers’.” I found quite shocking.

      Whereas I’m sure we can all get behind the sentiments of the work, I fail to see why this piece should be subsidised from the Arts budget when it is quite clearly work of a Scientific nature and entitled to funding via ARC (the Australian Research Council). Thanks for not posting a link to the denier blog, I too feel soiled by the experience.

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