School’s back, and you know what that means: it’s time for Rapid Fire!

Rapid Fire Zone!


My question is to the rather animated gentleman on the far left, psychologist I think? [Pointing to Winthrop Professor Stephan Lewandowsky.] Hi, yeah. In two bullet points or less, how does science explain the fact that nobody bothers doing anything to avert climate catastrophe?

Winthrop Prof. Lewandowsky: Whoa! [Wiping brow theatrically. General laughter.]

That’s pretty much the question, isn’t it? So while I’m not remotely convinced you were asking it in good faith, I want to answer it anyway:

  • The human brain evolved to ignore problems that don’t matter.
  • Which is great for solving the real problems we encounter day to day—but leaves us totally ill-equipped to deal with made-up ones.

No empty calories. Gluten free. Single-origin. 97% fact-free. That’s our promise to you when you enter the CN Rapid Fire Zone.

Rapid Fire: because you asked for it.

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