I agree that his blog is uninteresting, but his tweets and comments on other blogs are of some interest.
———Prof. Judith Curry, climate scientist

Dear Brad you are extremely rude and it does reflect well on you.
———Prof. Mark Maslin, some type of scientist

Brad [is] an example of a practitioner of the Serengeti strategy. For those interested in what that is, there is discussion here:

———Dr Greg Laden, anthropological feminist

How do we know that Brad does not have involvement in the FF industry? Just asking.
———Dr Greg Laden, Feminism Scientist

Keyes is not interested in climate change at all, he just uses the debate as a vehicle for his sociopathy.
———C. R. R. Kampen, cognitologist

I guess me calling out Keyes hit a nerve with […] his ultra right wing views. But if one compares what he and I have achieved in our careers, then I think I can safely say that I know who is in front. That’s well enough for me. If I am mediocre, then I am happy with that… In terms of science, you don’t reach up to my shoelaces, if that. You’re a twit through and through whose world is a sordid combination of right wing pundits, anti-environmental blogs, and sheer stupidity.
———Dr Jeff Harvey, climate biologist

Brad Keyes would be just fine if he wasn’t [sic] completely nuts.
———Russell Cook, investigative journalist

“I am here to be a witness for truth. All who are of the truth hear me.” By this measure Schneider is an anti-Christ and Keyes is his adoring acolyte.
———Alec Rawls, journalist and economist

As for @BradPKeyes, haven’t seen that much of his stuff, so looked at his blog and, well, eew.
———Steve Bloom, climate scientist (unconfirmed)

Yeah yeah, he’s Moriarty to Lewandowsky’s Sherlock. Oh, the cunning, oh the humanity…
If there’s a trap here I suspect it’s you guys most likely to be caught. Seems to me becoming a Keyes acolyte ain’t likely to be good credibility CV material.
———William B Byrd, climate ornithologist

You are now beyond parody.
———Steve Keogh, amateur

I read your blog Brad. I have to admit it’s clever. […] I guess sooner or later the deniers would have to up their act a bit to continue the deception.
———Gunny1, nobody

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