Look, About This “Hiatus”

Darrell Harb CN staff writer*

If you’re like the average Climate Nuremberg fan there’s no need to read this post. What I’m about to confirm is hardly going to come as a surprise.

It’s true.

There has been a bit of a slowdown—or ‘pause,’ if you insist—in our output.

And Brad Keyes, CN founder and editor, is the first to stop denying it!

“Yes, we’ve let our loyal readers down,” admits the science-communication wunderkind. “They told us they’d follow us to hell and, unfortunately, that’s pretty much where we dragged them. It’s been a rough few months for hard-climate-science-information junkies.

“I’m not even going to pretend we can tell you the reason, or reasons, for the plateau.

“But what I can say in a very confident voice is this: no matter why it’s happening, it’s only temporary.

“That’s what readers care about,” he tells readers.

Let’s be clear. In 2014 we communicated more science more rapidly than ever before—an achievement as unsustainable as it was unprecedented. And I was proud to be a part of it.

“But we never said we’d keep blogging science at those levels,” says Keyes, “month after month, twelve months a year. That’s just a straw man [erected by enemies of climate action].”

Still, he reminds me, we’re not about to go anywhere.

“Climate Nuremberg has become a permanent feature of human life. For better or worse, the Middle Ages are over. We’ve literally ‘shifted’ the composition of the Earth’s blogosphere, probably forever,” he says, alluding to the so-called Anthropocene doctrine believed by the vast majority of the world’s scientists.

But this doesn’t mean anything has changed, emphasizes Keyes, whose management philosophy, ‘Business As Usual,’ is protected by copyright.

“Posting frequency has simply been ’masked,’” he explains, “by a lack of posting.”

Some researchers at the acclaimed web log, or “‘blog,” suggest the slowdown may have had something to do with summer, which is an academic holiday in Australia. (They’re certain, however, that such short-term variability is a cyclic phenomenon which makes no difference to the overall trend.)


*Due to limited funding, Darrell Harb and Brad Keyes are the same guy.

1 thought on “Look, About This “Hiatus”

  1. H D Kline

    You may or may not be surprised to learn that what you have confirmed has hardly come as a surprise. It gives me some satisfaction, however, to note that it will almost certainly have come as a surprise to an assorted, ragtag bunch of rabid CLIMATE DENIALISMISTS who will, no doubt, have taken it for granted that you would use the recognised data adjustment procedures to ensure the absence of a decline. Such CLIMATE DENIALISMISTS, I am sure, will presently engaged in a considerable amount of head-scratching. Let’s hope they stop before they do themselves an injury, if you know what I mean…

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