Alles über Deutschland (All about Germany)

[Sent from somewhere above the Atlantic, on our way to beautiful Nuremberg.]

Five fun truths!

• In 2013 Germany celebrated 80 years of environmentally-conscious government.

• Speaking of which, scientists now believe the Holocaust was a local event, with the vast majority of hate-motivated murders from 1939 to 1945 occurring in only ~70 concentrated ‘hot spots.’

• Germany was the first EU country to sell the annual nude calendar of pro-climate scientists,* Die Konsensusfrauen (meaning the women of consent or women who say yes).

• Nobody likes Neo-Nazis. But no matter what you think of them, it’s considered offensive to accuse them of ‘Holocaust denial’ (Holocaustleugnung) now that the ECHR has ruled the term “calculatedly and hatefully evokes the spectre of climate-change denial,” rejecting as disingenuous the plea that ‘denier’ (Leugner) is merely a generic or neutral descriptor.

• On average, Germans score 125 volts higher than their US counterparts on standard tests of AQ or ‘authority intelligence’ (the ability to tell an expert from a non-credentialed source of commands).

Of course Europe as a whole was awash with human blood, but the millions of soldiers slaughtered during the period were victims of war-based (non-hate) murder.

*Yes fellas, Naomi makes a (prominent) appearance! Let us know in comments if you want a 2015 copy, but please be considerate—we’ve only got five suitcases.

6 thoughts on “Alles über Deutschland (All about Germany)

  1. Balanced Integer

    “Let us know in comments if you want a 2015 copy…”

    Yes please. Just one copy will suffice; I’d hate to give you a hernia carrying all those suitcases on my account! Where should I send you my mailing addy? 😉

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    1. Brad Keyes Post author

      That’s so thoughtful of you! I’m already sore from straining to explain the nuances of the temperature “pause” to some students.

      Doc says it’s a hiatus hernia.


  2. nige t

    • In 2013 Germany celebrated 80 years of environmentally-conscious government.

    But not celebrated here in the UK, Brad.

    I fear the achievements of the brave pioneers have been forgotten –
    airbrushed from history you might think.

    But I still recall Nuremberg in the good old days.

    regards nigeT

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  3. KBO

    By way of reinforcement,

    “Off-grid German village banks on wind, sun, pig manure”

    Whereas, I’m sure we’d all readily embrace ‘Schweinegülle’ as the ‘bread and butter’ of any future energy mix, I was somewhat struck by,

    “It is certainly Germany’s biggest infrastructure project since World War II and its greatest national challenge since reunification 25 years ago.”

    and even then it was more about what it didn’t say, than it actually did if that makes sense, or more directly, which infrastructure project of WW2 is this the biggest since? It would help if the article was a little more specific.

    There’s also a troubling Islamaphobic, anti-Russian slant to the piece,

    “”This money is no longer going to Arab sheiks or (Russian President) Vladimir Putin,” he said at the village 80 kilometres (50 miles) southwest of Berlin. “This money is now staying right here.”

    hopefully this is not a forerunner to a more widespread form of nationalisim from the eco-facsists that have infested mainland Europe and some blogs.

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  4. Rod McLaughlin

    “the millions of soldiers slaughtered during the period were victims of war-based, hate-free murder”. It’s worth adding that the millions of German, French, Dutch, Italian and Belgian civilians slaughtered during the period by Allied aircraft were also victims of war-based, hate-free murder. One must distinguish Allied civilian-killing from ‘hate-motivated murders’.

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