8 thoughts on “A very special Opinion

  1. usedtobespeedy

    You’re right, Grumpy. People like you could never hope to match the mental horsepower of a Climate Scientist – far better to recognise your limitations and confine yourself to compliance and taxes. If only more people had your attitude!

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  2. TrondT

    It is especially comforting to know that persons of such mental power can set themselves against the evil power of the klebolds to make sure that the right kind of collapsing wave functions (our kind!) will conquer, allowing Nature to have its natural course towards CAGW !


    1. Jan Stunnenberg (from Nürnberg)

      PS: As one previous post of our host (about Islam and it’s superiority (something like that, anyway)) suggests,
      isn’t it overdue to introduce some sort of a ‘FATWA’ for ‘DENIERS’ now?
      That will work!

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    2. TrondT

      Terrific, woodoo actually works! Now we must strenghten the Party Line; there are too many soft-boiled eggs and crypto-heretics out there.

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      1. nige t

        As a founder member of BANCOK (Ban Carbon OK), I’ve had the privilege of meeting
        Phil Jones, Trenberth, Briffa, and on one (memorable) occasion, Michael Mann!

        So, I can tell you that it ain’t ‘woodoo’. It’s ‘Voodoo’.

        You get the temperature data and everyone sings “Hot Voodoo”.

        God, i was inspired – seeing how much these guys really care.

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