Lewandowsky Safety Update

Ten days ago, UWA’s Prof. Carmen Lawrence confirmed the worst fears of many in the climate community: psychologist and CN contributor Stephan Lewandowsky was still being hounded. He’d relocated his family from Australia to England; he’d even agreed to take down a paper deriding his persecutors as paranoid conspiracy theorists, even though everybody knew it was true; but the plotters weren’t giving up so easily.

It seems the situation hasn’t got any better. Steve is “still being pursued by climate deniers,” according to an email we received today.

He says he’s been unable to get a good look at his pursuers, who switch cars every day.

7 thoughts on “Lewandowsky Safety Update

  1. Morph

    “He hasn’t been able to get a good look at his pursuers, who switch cars every day.”

    Or as we normal, skeptical, anti-conspiracy thinkers call it “traffic”. Bristol has a lot of it, as does most of the UK.

    This guy needs help.


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