Hate to be a grammar Nazi, but…

Guess what else denier Mark Steyn denies? Semantics, apparently:

I know, I know: Steyn didn’t write this himself.

Oh and, as they say: Retweeting Is Not Endorsement. But let’s ignore that (because everyone knows it’s bullshit).

It’s bad enough to compare a Nobel-Prize-winning scientist metaphorically to some animal on the Serengeti. I’m sure Dr Mann would never do that to his critics—and certainly not to himself.

But if you insist on zoomorphisms, you could at least consult a reputable dictionary.

The phrase is, “lies in the weeds.” It’s an intransitive verb. Not “lays in the weeds!”

The word is LIES. He LIES.

Sheesh. (And Steyn is supposed to be a wordsmith.) Mann lies.

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